This Article may make your lockdown less boring

We now have a unique opportunity to use this crisis to do things differently.

Last night, my mother asked me to help her in the kitchen. She told me I wasn’t helping her much in the household chores as I did in Lockdown 2020. I realized that last year we were home for the entire year and I was busy throughout. Though, it was difficult for everyone around the globe, the pandemic was getting worse but we had no choice except to find ways to be occupied in our homes. People were going through a lot and also losing their loved ones, but being busy was the only option with us to feel less worried and depressed.

We used to play Online ludo, made so many dishes and snacks, tried dalgona and even made a whatsapp family group to play tambola. And how can I forget this. RAMAYAN. I have never been up on weekends and holidays before 12 in the afternoon, but was waking up 8 in the morning just to finish all-day work in an hour, and watch Ramayana and mahabharata on television. After watching big boss for 3 months, watching ramayana was much of a mental relief and it did made me feel calm.

Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty.

There was so much to do last year, but this year feels empty. Not just us, our neighbours have also gave up on trying new things and they just sit on the terrace all-evening talking to each other. I guess most of us reading this, must be feeling a little more bored and stressed this year, in contrast to the last year. But we will have to figure a way out of this and find some activities to occupy and time, barely leaving time for overthinking.

I’ve been reading some articles, and also tried and tested some activities to kill time. And trust me, I feel a lot better. I was sleeping and using my phone excessively to fill in time. It got me nothing but feelings of frustration, irritation and a lot of stress. I was feeling lazy all day and started feeling lonely a bit. But now, I feel a lot better and I want you to feel the same. That’s the reason, I’m sharing some few ideas that you can use to spend your time, feel less anxious and eliminate boredom from your routine.

1. Self-care routines

Try to do something you enjoy every day.

Until now, you might have figured out how much am I obsessed with self-care and relaxation. But lockdown made me feel tired and low on energy, and I was keeping myself away from this. As soon as I tried some manicure and pedicures, waxed my body and applied some refreshing fresh-fruit face packs, I felt relaxed, pampered and at ease. And not just this, making refreshing juices and your favourite mocktails can also make you feel satisfied, cool and less irritated.

2. Build-up a strong social media network

The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

Lockdown can be the perfect time you can improve and build up your social networks. We have all the time to update our social media, connect to people and build good social relations. You can start by conducting a good quality market research, and shape your extensive network to increase awareness, recognition and loyalty. Social networking will not only improve your social circle, but will help you in enhancing career opportunities, promoting your brand and find good collaborations.

3. Baking

Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy.

Baking a cake can be something that can release your stress and tension. How? Yes, it can. Baking enhances creativity and makes one feel happier. It will not only give you a nice dessert after your dinner, but is also good for your mental health. It improves concentration and research claims it to be therapeutic for depression and anxiety. And anyway, you will have a cake to eat. So, it’s not that bad to not even giving a try.

4. Pursue Hobbies

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

Hobbies will somehow force you to take out time for yourself, think about yourself and encourage you to take a break from the routine and do something you actually love. Doing something we enjoy helps us improve our concentration levels, relieves stress and anxiety and of course, kill time. Pursuing hobbies can be a perfect option in this lockdown. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a way to your career in something you actually enjoy doing. Nevertheless, hobbies improves mental and physical health, declutter your mind and open ways to our career.

5. Gardening

The best place to find God is in a garden.

Some people, like my mom, are obsessed with growing plants. They just love to keep themselves surrounded with plants. There are more than 30 of them, all of different kinds in our little balcony-garden and my mom loves them all. She waters them everyday, and loves to sit surrounded by them. It helps her a lot to relieve stress, her heart gets stronger and she feels happy and light. Maybe we should all give it a try, gardening does have some strong power to promote positive health.

6. Update you resume and Finish some books

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

We all know books are better than people. You can get bored of a person, a friend or even your partner sometimes, but books will always be your best friend. Reading will for sure improve your knowledge and build a sense of empathy, but also benefit you with alleviating depression and anxiety, reducing stress and will promote better sleep. Start reading at least 20 pages a day, to get all of these advantages and make your lockdown, productive and less boring.

Try them all and see the magic of growth and productivity. You won’t feel lazy, tired and low on energy, anymore.

Ordinary people think merely of spending time, great people think of using it.
Happy weekend!




A satvik journo talking about health, personal development and productivity.

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Shruti Bohra

Shruti Bohra

A satvik journo talking about health, personal development and productivity.

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